Emissions and immunity simulation chamber

How it works

An emissions and immunity simulation chamber is a controlled environment where electronic engineers and manufacturers can test their electronic devices to ensure that they meet regulations on electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) emissions. EMC chambers are usually constructed with metal walls, floors and ceilings, and are designed to isolate indoor electronic devices from external sources of EMI, such as electromagnetic radio waves, magnetic fields, high-frequency electromagnetic waves and other radio interference. They can be used to test the emission of electromagnetic radiation from an electronic device or to test a device’s ability to withstand electromagnetic interference. The emission test measures the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a device during normal operation. This test is performed by placing the device inside the EMC chamber and applying different test frequencies to measure its emission.

What an emission and immunity simulation chamber is for

Emission and immunity simulation chamber is used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defence, telecommunications, consumer electronics and many others, to ensure that electronic devices meet safety and EMC regulations. Immunity testing, on the other hand, simulates the electromagnetic interference that a device might encounter in its surroundings. This is done by applying magnetic fields, high-frequency electromagnetic radio waves and other interference inside the EMC chamber to test whether the device can function properly in the presence of such interference. Unlike anechoic chambers, the EMC chamber is a shielded chamber that does not absorb electromagnetic energy and whose walls reflect incident waves. Due to the minimal amount of energy absorbed by the walls, it is possible to obtain high intensity fields by injecting signals of moderate power. The main characteristic is to provide a statistically homogeneous field so that the device tested inside the chamber is hit at every instant by plane waves having all possible propagation directions and different polarisation.

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